It’s been a real tough year and it isn’t getting any better with more pre Christmas lockdowns ! So start your Christmas gift shopping from the comfort of your home, with some of my favourite images on mugs, bottles and Mouse Mats.

All the products are superb quality, guaranteed to last and the quality of the images is just awesome.

Below are the images available to print on any of the items, but if there is a particular image of mine you would like this can be arranged so long as it works on the item.


£10   plus £3 postage

Drink Bottle (metal) 600ml with interchangeable tops

£12  plus £3 postage

INSULATED HOT OR COLD FLASK 750ml                                                   

£25 plus £3 postage


£10  plus £3 postage

These are the images that I have available, but if you have a favourite image, so long as it works on the item that can be arranged.

A   Romeo the Puffin

B  Osprey 01 from Rutland

C  Diving Osprey 06 at Aviemore

Osprey 28(10) perched at Horn Mill Trout Farm

Osprey 28(10) after a successful dive

Osprey 28(10) a beautiful summers evening

Mr and Mrs Little Owl

TO PLACE AN ORDER SIMPLY EMAIL GARY AT gjwildlifephotography@outlook.com  simply list the items you would like, and the image(s) to be printed on them.

My apologies to my overseas followers, but I can only post out to the UK, having had real issues in the past with parcels not arriving, or arriving damaged it is too much of a risk.