Sparrowhawks and a Stoat

Until last year Dumfries and Galloway was an area that I had never visited, but since getting up there last year to meet Alan McFadyen and use the superb hide set up he has up there, it is an area that I look forward to returning time and again. Alan now has great hide set ups to photograph many species including Kingfishers, Badgers, Dippers, Cuckoo, coming soon Pine Marten, and what I travelled up for on my last visit Sparrowhawks and a Stoat that had been visiting his woodland hide.

It was a real early start leaving home at 3am to be up in the hide at Ringford, Galloway by 7.30am, but it was worth it when a juvenile female Sparrowhawk appeared within the first hour. She really is a beautiful bird and between her an a Male there were several visits during the day, with lots of squabbling on the perch right in front of the hide…. a real thrill to see what Chris Packham described as the best bird in the world.

Chris Packham Sparrowhawk video from Alans hide

I was lucky enough to get plenty of shots from the Sparrowhawks that day,  and lots of action shots as the female continually came in and attacked the male as he perched. Stunning birds and I cannot wait for my next visit in a few weeks.

The big bonus for this visit was having the potential opportunity to photograph a Stoat that had been visiting the area recently, and although I didn’t get any clear shots of it all, it was still great to see and grab some record shots.

I photographed lots of other Woodland birds on the visit from this great patch of Scottish woodland, more can be seen on my facebook page, just search for Gary Jones Wildlife Photography.

Thanks for dropping in, and as always feel free to leave me a comment and some feedback.

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  • Gary. More wonderful images from your lens…A long way to travel but obviously the journeys to Galloway have paid off.As you will know ospreys are beginning to arrive and already a number of birds are back in the Lake District.Can’t wait to see these magnificent birds again!! Great new website Gary, keep up the great work.