On behalf of all the members of Dinefwr Photographic Society, I would like to thank you for agreeing to come and share your fantastic wildlife images with us. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and your own enthusiasm and dedication to create stunning wildlife images was evident. Great advice offered to members regarding cameras, lenses and techniques you use as really appreciated. We all wish you the best in your continued quest for creating wonderful wildlife images.

Kind regards

Hugh Gillings

Founder member

I recently had a brilliant one on one tuition day with Gary. I’m a beginner to photography so we went to the zoo to practice and by the end of the day I felt confident using my camera in manual and got some great pictures…Highly recommended!

Anna Jones

For my 60th Birthday treat my wife decided to give me a day out with Gary. I use a Canon 700D with a Sigma 150-600 zoom lens. Gary took me to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Martin Mere, between Liverpool and Blackpool. It was a great choice as a location due to the vast numbers of wildfowl on the main lake. Birds were flying in and out continually, arguing and challenging each other and displaying courting behaviour.

He showed me a variety of different ways to improve the quality of my photographs including the use of ‘Manual’ mode instead of ‘Automatic’ (which I always used previously) and indicating the settings I should use. Then by pointing out ideal photographic subjects, including birds in flight, and then tracking them by half-pressing the shutter button.

As a result, I ended up with some 1300 photographs, some of which approached Gary’s in clarity and quality…. Although I failed to get the really good pics of the birds in flight that Gary managed.  It was a real privilege to watch Gary at work, tracking birds in flight: he said ‘This will test the speed of your reactions’ as the birds were fed and flew in flocks to the hide. I would highly recommend a day out with Gary both as an experience and as an opportunity to improve your photographic techniques.”

Good morning Gary,

I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing day on Thursday! Your guidance, advice and mentoring far exceeded even my high expectations – with the much appreciated loan of your lens the icing on the cake!
It was a pity that the Met Office failed us, but in spite of the clouds, I have come back with over a thousand images to sort through. I am already certain that I’ve managed a fair number of “keepers” among them but no fishy ones, you’ll be relieved to hear!

Throughout the day, your intimate knowledge of the birds’ behavior helped tremendously to understand and predict what was happening. I love the way that you have even have learned the individual birds’ personalities! The visit from the red kite was a big surprise to me in spite of having visited Gigrin many times. I’ve no idea why I never thought of them taking carrion from the surface of a pool.

As far as technical aspects are concerned, I have found that my little D500 does not have the same ability to run at very high ISO settings as your grown-up D5 in spite of all the rave publicity it came with. Also, as you have found, the group continuous focusing isn’t as reliable as claimed either. I often lost the bird as it went in front of the trees, focusing on the branches instead. Added to which, in instances where I’ve managed to keep the bird in frame during its dive, it’s almost as though either the camera or lens can’t keep pace with the 10fps shutter, as some shots are out of focus, then the next few are in focus.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Both my photographic skills and my avian appreciation have benefited greatly from my day with you.

I look forward to hearing from you once you have arrived back home and have sorted through the backlog of requests for prints in return for charitable donations.

Finally, (I can hear the sigh of relief from here), please keep me in mind when you are organizing next year’s Bempton Cliffs gannet boat shoots. I’d greatly appreciate being able to accompany you on one of them.

My very best wishes and thanks to you,


Never have I seen a more passionate photographer of wildlife, Gary’s images are stunning. If you only have one speaker in a season it just has to be Gary, his talk is inspirational.


Deeside Photographic Society.

Spent yesterday with Gary and a friend at Tatton park capturing deer: Gary was brilliant, he sorted our cameras first to make sure they would take a decent shot. He advised on composure, what to avoid and gave lots of tips you would not think of yourself. It was great day that was fun and educational,. Thanks Gary, I’ll definitely be looking to book again…

Paula Potter

Visited Gary’s Little Owl hide to photograph them at night. They didn’t disappoint and I came away with some shots I’m really happy with. Gary is a top guy and really helpful which definitely helped me get the best of my shots. Really looking forward to returning in the Spring/summer to see them during the day. Highly recommended and great value!  ….

Iain Lenton

Dear Gary,

On behalf of the members of The Rhyl Photographic Society, I must thank you for recently attending one of our club evenings and sharing your fantastic images with us. All agreed that your very professional presentation was the most enjoyable of this season and very motivational, your own enthusiasm for wildlife and photography is certainly infectious. Not only did you share your images but kept no secrets as to how you achieve your success. We were very interested in your advice regarding the types of cameras, equipment and techniques you actually use, We appreciated your presentation very much indeed.

Kind regards

John Bowman

President, Rhyl Phototographic Society

Absolutely amazing experience watching a pair of Little Owls with Gary yesterday evening. The hide was great and very comfortable with a max of two photographers. Gary stayed with us to ensure we had the best experience. I would thoroughly recommend Gary Jones to anyone keen to capture some amazing wildlife photos. Thank you so much Gary and John for your advice and company!….

Sue Ridout

Brilliant 4-day Osprey trip based around Aviemore, and organised by Gary. Great company and banter and great food at the Grant Arms Hotel – an ideal and friendly base. Exhilarating Osprey action with 3 or 4 queuing at times to dive for fish. Gary is always on hand to share his extensive knowledge of Osprey behaviour and give advice on camera settings as needed. There were also (limited) opportunities for sleep! Highly recommended.


He’s a dedicated natural wildlife photographer who is enthusiastic about the subjects he is blessed with observing and loves sharing his experiences with the wider interested public…

Paul Lonsdale

Just completed Osprey workshop in Aviemore with Michael, Kevin, Larry and Cathy. Organised and run by Gary. Had a terrific time, with company, location and opportunities all first class. Gary was always making sure that everyone was capturing as much of the experience as possible. Relaxed and informative throughout. Enjoyed very much….

Bob McLachlan