Gary is an excellent Wildlife Photographer, one of the best in the Country.

He also has a heart of gold, donating photographs and his time in helping to raise money for so many good causes.

Top Man !!

Iolo Williams

Spent yesterday with Gary and a friend  capturing deer: Gary was brilliant, he sorted our cameras first to make sure they would take a decent shot. He advised on composure, what to avoid and gave lots of tips you would not think of yourself. It was great day that was fun and educational,. Thanks Gary, I’ll definitely be looking to book again…

Paula Potter

Visited Gary’s Little Owl hide to photograph them at night. They didn’t disappoint and I came away with some shots I’m really happy with. Gary is a top guy and really helpful which definitely helped me get the best of my shots. Really looking forward to returning in the Spring/summer to see them during the day. Highly recommended and great value!

Iain Lenton

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I recently had a brilliant one on one tuition day with Gary. I’m a beginner to photography so we went to the zoo to practice and by the end of the day I felt confident using my camera in manual and got some great pictures…Highly recommended!

Anna Jones

Just completed Osprey workshop in Aviemore with Michael, Kevin, Larry and Cathy. Organised and run by Gary. Had a terrific time, with company, location and opportunities all first class. Gary was always making sure that everyone was capturing as much of the experience as possible. Relaxed and informative throughout. Enjoyed very much….

Bob McLachlan

Brilliant 4-day Osprey trip based around Aviemore, and organised by Gary. Great company and banter and great food at the Grant Arms Hotel – an ideal and friendly base. Exhilarating Osprey action with 3 or 4 queuing at times to dive for fish. Gary is always on hand to share his extensive knowledge of Osprey behaviour and give advice on camera settings as needed. There were also (limited) opportunities for sleep! Highly recommended.


Absolutely amazing experience watching a pair of Little Owls with Gary yesterday evening. The hide was great and very comfortable with a max of two photographers. Gary stayed with us to ensure we had the best experience. I would thoroughly recommend Gary Jones to anyone keen to capture some amazing wildlife photos. Thank you so much Gary and John for your advice and company!

Sue Ridout

I’ve done several of Gary’s UK workshops and expect that I will join him on many more UK and international trips. Gary’s low-key professionalism, calm approach and personal charm, coupled with his focus and determination, ensure that his clients get the best, and safest, experience possible. Gary is constantly expanding and improving his existing workshops as well as establishing new and unique experiences at home and abroad. His energy and dynamism are to be greatly admired and I look forward to joining him on future well organised, fun and rewarding workshops.

David O’Brien

The Osprey workshop

On the drive home, I got to thinking about about the question Alastair asked me on the first night, “Why do you keep coming back?” I have tried to capture just a little bit of the reason in a little rhyme. Hope you like…

A few days in Scotland, spent with, amongst others, Gary, Sharon and Nala.

The days were filled with wildlife, the evenings were all filled with laughter.

Whilst sharing a bite, on the very first night, a newcomer asked me “What makes these workshops so great?”

I thought for a while, then realised with a smile, it was quite hard to articulate.

How to put into words, what you feel when these birds, with all of their majesty and power,

Dive for a fish, fulfilling that wish, you have been grasping for hour after hour?

The anticipation, followed by exhilaration, the water explodes, the adrenaline is pumping

The great satisfaction, when you have captured the action and the whole hide seems to be jumping.

So when asked to explain, why I had come back again, I really just didn’t know how.

But after four days, the look on Alastairs’ face, tells me that he too, “gets it” now.

Taking home a great shot, well that means a lot, but perhaps we will realise later,

From this day hence, our shared experience, means we leave with something much greater.

Three a.m. rising, Chas’ tales so surprising, or Gordon cursing the weather,

Have all created great memories, ones that we will all cherish forever.

Huw Lewis

(So nice to get lovely feedback in Rhyme)

On behalf of all the members of Dinefwr Photographic Society, I would like to thank you for agreeing to come and share your fantastic wildlife images with us. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and your own enthusiasm and dedication to create stunning wildlife images was evident. Great advice offered to members regarding cameras, lenses and techniques you use as really appreciated. We all wish you the best in your continued quest for creating wonderful wildlife images.

Hugh Gillings