The Cairngorms Pt2

Continuing from my previous post after our recent trip up to The Cairngorms, for this post I will talk more about the fantastic little cabin we were staying in, a true wildlife haven.

It was situated in the little village of Insh, which is about 5 miles south of Aviemore very close to Loch Insh, where I love to return in the summer to photograph the Ospreys that nest here.

The cabin is set in a small birch woodland way back off the main road through the village, and prior to our visit we were told to expect a lot of wildlife around the cabin such as Red Squirrel, Badger, Pine Marten, Roe Deer and a whole host of woodland birds.

Well we were not disappointed, the three nights we stayed there we did nothing else in the evenings but turn out all the lights, put on the security light outside the cabin and wait in hope…. and after varying waits each night this is what we were treated to

A stunning little Pine Marten, it only cam in to visit on one night that we saw, but he stayed for a good while munching on the peanuts that we had put out.

Pine Marten feeding video

We had been told that Badgers were regular visitors but not in the winter, so you can imagine the surprise as we waited for the Pine Marten when this black and white treat appeared.

As you can see it was a great place to stay…

Come back soon for my next post that will catch up with what I have been up.