Saturday 3rd August 2024


Flamborough Headland and Bempton Cliffs, North Yorkshire

Group size

11 Maximum


£195 per person

You can join Gary and Steve Race on this 6 hour Special Photography Workshop sailing along the amazing coastline from Bridlington past Flamborough Head and up to Bempton Cliffs, underneath the amazing seabird colonies along the high sea cliffs. This Workshop is tailored for Photographers of all abilities, whether you are a beginner who would like to get some nice Gannet images and learn as much as possible, or if you are a Professional who would like to expand your portfolio of images, or if you would just like to come along to experience what is one of the Wonders of the Wildlife World.

We will be chumming, throwing in fish to attract the Gannets close to the boat, this gives you fantastic opportunities to take images of these amazing birds as they dive in to the sea very close to the boat, and then surfacing with fish, that they often fight over. Gannets dive at incredibly fast speeds, up to 60 mph, to catch their prey of fish that include Herring, Pollock and Mackerel. This trip is designed to get you extremely close to the Gannets diving, as they gather into a mass feeding frenzy.

The trip duration is for 6 hours, where we will sail from Bridlington Harbour early morning, passing Flamborough Head as we sail down to Bempton Cliffs. Here we will sail beneath the huge sea cliffs that is home to thousands of breeding Gannets, and many other sea birds such as Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins. The sea in this area is also rich with cetaceans such as Bottlenose and Common Dolphins and often good sightings of Minke Whale. We will then chum with fish for about an hour, the amount of Gannets visiting the boat increasing quickly, once the first session is complete we will stop in calmer water for a break where we can discuss the session, check back of camera images and talk about any issues etc. Once complete we will then have another hours session feeding the Gannets before we steam back to Bridlington.

This really is one of the best wildlife experiences on offer, to be so close to diving Gannets words cannot really explain, but to get the opportunity to photograph or film it, well you’ll need to come along and judge for yourselves.

Full payment is required upon booking for this trip.

What is included

  • Boat fee, chumming, and all tuition and guidance

Not Included

  • Harbour car parking fee, transport to and from Bridlington
  • Insurance, both personal and equipment

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