Little Owl hide


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Near the village of Rossett, NE Wales

Group size

The hide seats 2 Photographers


£75 for an evening session (4 hours approx) 


*** Update April 24***

The good news is that the Owls have settled down to start breeding again, and are slowly starting to visit the hide in daylights hours. I am hoping that by early May we will be in a position to open bookings for evening sessions. I will update the page here and also publish it on my social media pages when I am taking bookings.




The hide is located on a working dairy farm in the welsh countryside close to the village of Rossett, which lies between Chester and Wrexham, minutes off the A483. As the hide is on a working farm there are restrictions in place for your safety and to not cause any disturbance to the farm operation.

The hide is a few minutes walk from the farm yard, this is across a field that may have dairy cows in. Then it’s over a stile and a short walk into the hide. I will accompany you in the hide for the duration of your stay. It can get quite wet and muddy, so it is recommended you wear boots or wellington boots.

The perches for the Owls are very close to the hide, a focal length (full frame) of 500mm will give you a nice tight image of the Owl, whereas a lens such as a 300mm or a zoom will give you opportunities to photograph the birds in flight, landing, running etc. For the evening sessions, they will be on a one to one basis with Gary. And new for this winters nocturnal sessions. we can now offer the use of flashes to photograph the Owls.

T&C’s….. as stated this is a working farm, I have no control on what may happen on a daily basis, it is unlikely to disturb the birds as they have been nesting here for many years and are used to farm machinery, cows etc, but if they are disturbed this is out of my control. Should the Owls not show at all and you leave with no images, I will offer you a free return to the hide on a convenient date to us both, but any travel and accommodation costs are your responsibility. They are completely wild birds, not tamed, kept in a cage etc etc they will do what they want to do, and if you are lucky they will visit the hide. The track record of the hide is fantastic with lots of very happy visitors, but nothings guaranteed, if you can’t accept this , then please do not book.

There are no facilities in the hide, so you will need to bring any food or drink you will need, and there are no toilets, so please bear this in mind.

To book a session please email me at or send me a message through my social media pages.

Below is a small selection of the many images that I have taken from the hide

What is included

  • hide hire for 3 hours
  • session accompanied with Gary

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