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Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

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£195 per person

The red squirrel is one of the most endangered native mammals in the UK. It has declined dramatically over the past century as a result of loss of broadleaf habitat and the influence of grey squirrels, which carry a virus that is fatal to red squirrels.

Efforts to create a safe haven for red squirrels on Anglesey started in the late 1990s, when the population of red squirrels had declined to around 40 individuals in one woodland plantation. An Island Haven aimed to take the conservation work forward at a landscape scale. When the project began in 2011 there were fewer than 1,000 red squirrels in Wales, including around 300 on Anglesey.

Activities included managing grey populations on the island and creating a one kilometre deep ‘grey squirrel free zone’ on the adjacent mainland. Captive bred red squirrels were reintroduced in order to create an island-wide population. The squirrels were reinstated in habitats where it has historically been found, including public parks, wooded gardens and green spaces. New rope bridges encouraged red squirrel movement and land managers were given advice about squirrel monitoring and management. Widespread support of landowners was critical to the success of this project and the sensitive issue of grey squirrel culling also required careful handling.

Today as a result of all the hard work over the last couple of decades there is a healthy population of Red Squirrels on Anglesey, and over the course of this day you will be taken to several areas to photograph the Squirrels. From Coniferous forest, to broad leaf woodland, a range of habitats that will give you a selection of different images.

Meeting early morning, you will transfer to the vehicle that will transport you around the Island for the day, so you can sit back and enjoy the best that Anglesey has to offer.

Thought the day Gary will be on hand to take you to the different locations, but also to advise and assist to help you get the best images possible to take away from your day with the Squirrels.

Start time approximately 9am, finishing late afternoon.

What is included

  • Transport around Anglesey for the day
  • Picnic style lunch
  • Photographic Tuition and accompanying information on Wildlife etc
  • A visit to Angleseys iconic landmarks ( if time permits)

Not Included

  • Transport to and from the Anglesey meeting point
  • Drinks during the day
  • Insurance… both personal and equipment

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