Lightroom Post Processing Workshop


One Hour sessions can be arranged to suit


Via the Zoom Video sharing platform

Group size

Not Applicable


£40 per hour session

Do you struggle with your Post Processing?

Join Gary for a pre-arranged session to suit you, where using the Zoom video platform we can spend an informal session discussing post processing and your requirements.

Gary will talk you through his simple and uncomplicated workflow using Lightroom, from importing the images from the camera, cataloging images, basic processing in Lightroom, and exporting images ready for Social media, printing etc.

Many Photographers spend lots of their spare time getting great images, but struggle with what to do with them afterwards.

Gary’s principle has always been to get as much right in the camera when shooting images, but post processing is an important stage to prepare your images for their next stage, whether this be on to social media, printing or publishing. Hopefully his simple workflow will help you improve and learn a few tricks along the way. He will have some images ready in Lightroom to talk you through his workflow, and by sharing his screen you will see every stage.

To book a session simply fill in the booking form below and we will get back to you to get started.

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