‘My Osprey Journey’ An Online Zoom Presentation


Tuesday 9th June 2020  7.00pm


Live online via Zoom Presentation


£10 per person

Since childhood Gary has been intrigued and fascinated by this amazing bird. Ospreys were all but extinct in the Uk in the 1950’s, since then they have made a miraculous recovery and they are slowly spreading to their former range throughout the UK.

From early childhood memories of the unseen mythical fish eating bird that would dive from huge heights to catch its prey, to the present day were he spends a big part of the year travelling the Uk to photograph these enigmatic birds, to the point of total obsession.

This Presentation tells the story of not only the Osprey, but of Garys determination to nail the ultimate Osprey images, the frustrations, the wasted journeys, the unpredictability of the birds, through to the good times, those magical days were it all came together, but also that ongoing drive, bloody mindedness and “never being happy” attitude that drives him on.

Presented on the Zoom Video platform, this is the latest of Garys Presentations.

Having completed a successful series of free Presentations on Little Owls , being a Professional Photographer and Guide, who through the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic has been completely unable to work, for this Presentation we are having to charge a small fee to join the Presentation.  It has been set at just £10, huge value for a couple of hours entertainment… but of course if you feel you can contribute any more that would be hugely appreciated.

To book a place on the Presentation just simply email Gary at the address below, or complete the booking form below, he will pass on payment details and then send you the link for the presentation on the 26th.

Email Gary at gjwildlifephotography@outlook.com

What is included

  • Online Zoom Presentation lasting approximately 2 hours

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