Saturday 22nd May 2021  Fully Booked

Sunday 23rd May 2021  Fully Booked

Sunday 27th June late pm to Monday 28th June am   Fully Booked


Horn Mill Trout Fishery, Lyndon Reserve & Rutland Water

Group size

6 Maximum


£360 per person

2020 cost held

Join Gary down in Rutland to photograph Ospreys diving to catch fish at Horn Mill Trout Farm, a few miles from Rutland Water in the morning and late afternoon/Evening. During the daytime interim period we will visit Rutland Water to see the Ospreys that nest here on the lagoons within the reservoir, and we will be hosted by the Rutland Osprey Project team. They will talk to us about the Rutland Osprey Project, the reintroduction of Ospreys to Rutland, the role of the Project, and the invaluable work they do both here and overseas, how they helped set up the Photography hide at Horn Mill, and answer any questions you might have…. at the moment this will happen if the current covid regulations at the time allow it

The day will start early allowing us time to get into the hide before first light, where we will then enjoy a session in the Osprey Photography hide at Horn Mill, we will have the services of a professional spotter, who is located away from the hide, and will keep us informed of any Ospreys in the area, and when they are coming in to dive. In between Ospreys visiting the farm there is likely to be visits from the resident Kingfishers that perch outside of the hide, and also Red Kites which hover over the pool and will swoop and pick up any dead or injured fish near the surface.

After the session finishes by 9/9.30am we will then travel down to Rutland water and enjoy a sumptuous and relaxing breakfast at The Wellies Coffee Shop and chat over the mornings action.

After breakfast it will then be time to head across to see the Rutland Osprey project team for their Presentation, and visit the hides around the Osprey nests.

Late afternoon we will return to Horn Mill for an evening session in the hide, again with a Spotter and we will stay in until dusk when the light fades away.

In terms of camera kit…. For the diving Osprey images, you will require a focal length of 150mm- 300mm, so lenses such as 200, 300mm Prime, 70-200m, 100-400mm, 150-600mm etc will be ideal. And for the hides down at Rutland water, a longer lens will be better.

To book a place simply fill out the form below to request a booking form, a £50 non refundable deposit will secure your place.

What is included

  • Exclusive access to the hide at Horn Mill for morning and evening sessions, with full tuition and advice from Gary
  • Breakfast at the Wellies Cafe
  • Access to Lyndon Reserve and the presentation by the Rutland Osprey Project

Not Included

  • Transport to and from Rutland and between Horn Mill and Rutland water during the day (only a few miles)
  • Any food and drink required during the day other than Breakfast
  • Insurance both personal and equipment

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