Wednesday 23rd October – Thursday 24th 2019
Thursday 14th November – Friday 15th November 2019
Thursday 12th December – Friday 13th December 2019


Wildlife Photography Hides, Bourne, Lincolnshire

Group size

4 Maximum (Dawn until Dusk)
2 Maximum (Overnight Stay)


£199 per person (Dawn until Dusk)
£299 per person (Overnight Stay)

Join Gary for a sensational experience in the Ultimate in Wildlife hide comfort, this hide complex has to be seen to be believed, plush throughout, heated to make your stay comfortable, carpeted and extremely comfortable.

There are 2 options for this workshop…..

4 places to stay in the hide for the day, from dawn until dusk, and then 2 can stay on overnight to photograph the nocturnal visitors.


The motto at Wildlife Photography Hides is ‘create the habitat and the wildlife will move in’. This has certainly been the case with this project. Just days after filling the pond they recorded 4 species of dragonfly laying eggs and to date we have had confirmed visits from Osprey, Otter, Snipe & Grey Wagtail to name only a few of the more diverse species. The hide has been developed to offer multiple species during a single session – to really get the most from this hide it is best to have 2 lenses of 300mm + so as to have one lens poised ready for the larger raptors – it is impossible to move a lens once the birds have arrived without spooking them.



Camera support -Shelf with Plates – 3/8 bolt & Bean Bags are supplied

Composting toilet -Yes
12v lighting -Yes
Heating -Yes
Hot water – Yes
Optimum lens – 300mm is a good all round lens for this hide, Zooms and convertors give extra reach should you feel you need it
Angle of view – 2 portals per person @ water level, 1 portal per person @ 600mm above water level, vertical 600mm slots throughout the rest of the hide
Main species during the night -Grey Heron, Otter & Tawny Owl
Main species during the day -Grey Heron, Little egret, Kingfisher, Red kite, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk & Woodland Birds
Backgrounds -Reed beds & Hedgerow/Railway embankment
Orientation – North, South & East
Distance from Parking – 200m

This hide is never species specific, generally photographers spending the day/night in this hide will achieve images of multiple water based species however everything that visits is completely wild we can never fully guarantee which will show on any given day/night.

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