Wiltshire Downs Raptor Hide Workshop


Saturday 9th  December 2023  FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 10th December FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 27th January 2024  FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 28th January   FULLY BOOKED

6.30am until 3/4pm approximately


The Wiltshire Downs

approx 20 mins drive from Swindon

Group size

4 Maximum


£250 per person

Join Gary down on the stunning Wiltshire Downs this Winter to photograph two of our most stunning Raptors, Buzzards and Kites. As feeding becomes ever more difficult in the winter months, Raptors are attracted to the hide to feed, and as Winter really bites and food is at a premium, fights for food often break out giving you a great opportunity for fantastic action images, also numerous opportunities for a whole array of portrait images of these stunning birds.

Food has been put out for the birds on a daily basis for several years now, and has attracted both Buzzards and Kites, but also many corvids such as Ravens.

The ‘Raptor Hide’ down in Wiltshire has had some major changes to it last year most significantly a brand-new location away from the public footpath. The original hide has been moved and also a brand-new hide next door to it.  The hide now has glass panes shipped in from Spain to shoot through. We all know how timid these birds are and especially during the first few moments after landing so with the new glass hide it will give the photographer much more flexibility in being able to take photos as the birds approach in flight and also as soon as they land. It will also be much better for swift camera movements during any fight that may break out between birds in the feeding area.

Almost certainly the best hide in the country for this species, it attracts multiple birds often feeding together and interacting as they do. It’s quite possible that a single session can produce flight, bathing, perched, fighting & feeding images. The hide also features – heating, kitchen area, hot water, toilet and comfortable chairs.

It will be a 7.30am meeting to start the day, and we will go through until late afternoon when the light goes. Gary will be on hand all day with you in the hide, helping each person to get the best out of the day, advising on camera settings, composition, and everything else to send you home with the best possible images.

You will only require a tripod head, as plates or screws are provided to attach them to, or you can bring your own plate or beanbag.

To book a place simply complete the booking form below.

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What is included

  • All tuition and instruction from Gary
  • Full hide fees for the day

Not Included

  • Travel to and from Wiltshire, and accommodation required
  • Any Insurance required for Camera Kit or Personal

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